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Please add each ticket individually to ensure you get your proper shirt size and food options.

This is a pre-sampling  dinner event of our Summer Solstice bottle release.  21 years of age and older

5-8 PM

We  have wanted to do something special for a long time.  If, you enjoyed our Anniversary a couple of years back you will like this event.   Just like at that party you will get a Lanyard, each sample will be punched.  The Lanyard will be good until we close.    What we are doing different is a sit down dinner.  Limited seating in the tent.  The samples will come out during dinner to the tables,  you may pass on that sample for the time being and can go up to the sampling station after dinner (7:30pm)to get your sample.

We wanted to pair the seafood with something totally screams summer.  Lemonade !

Well many variations of lemonade to more precise .

For those who are choosing the steak option the barrel aged beers and heavy ales will pair better.

Both Dinners include the  boiled potatoes, corn, and sausages.

A tee shirt

Communal seating, in tent.

Ticket sales end Wednesday June 13th 11pm For June 15th and 16th.

Add a Lobster to your boil $15.00

The Boil  is prepared for you in the traditional group fashion, please respect the amounts allocated.

  • a 10oz Crab Cluster, 4 Jumbo shrimp, 15 Crayfish, 5 Mussels.
  • ½ link Andouille Sausage (cut up in 1/4 links)  2 Potatoes, 1 full ear Corn, ½ link Smoked Sausage (cut up in 1/4 links)
  • The Lip on Rib Eye Steak (prime rib) is cooked to your pre-sale ticket order.   Finished in a ceramic Big Green Egg with hardwood and charcoal.

The Sampling- Punch card
Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine
Bourbon Barrel Double Nut Brown*
Bourbon Barrel Cherry Old Bruin*
Bourbon Barrel Old Bruin*
A Few Shillings Too many*
Dark Heathen Triple Bock*
Fourth Dementia- Fresh Ale
Sacrificial Blood Orange Ale
Sangria- with Fruit
Strawberry Rhubarb Hard Lemonade
Hard Lime-n-aid
Cherry Rhubarb Hard Lime-n-aid
Mango Hard Lime-n-aid
Peach Hard Lemonade
Bad Kitty Hard Cola
Blackberry Lime-n-aid
* Bottle releases


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