by Bret Kuhnhenn
October 5, 2023| 132 views

Kuhnhenn Oktoberfest is just around the corner! This year we have two seperate parties. The first one will be at our Warren location on Saturday, 10/07/2023. The second will be at our Clinton Township location on Saturday, 10/14/2023. This year we have two mugs availible for Oktoberfest. A 24oz black and gold ceramic stein and a 1 liter glass mug with our Oktoberfest logo on it. 

New on Tap:

KuhnBucha – Kuhnhenn Brewing brings a new non-aloholic beverage to the table (GLUTEN FREE)

Hazy Cider – Semi-sweet, award winning cider! (GLUTEN FREE)

Apricot Milkshake IPA – Lactose sugar and apricots bring complexity to this IPA

33 Clouds – New England style IPA, great haze and hoppy fruit complexity

Brother’s Gold Kolsch- Traditional  German style cold condtional ale



Immortal Undead– The long awaited return of our Cherry Perry Melomel Mead (GLUTEN FREE)

Helio Dripa–  So popular we are bring back this variant of DRIPA made with a Thiolized enhanced yeast strain from Omega Yeast Co.

Island Sunrise DRIPA – NEW Our flagship beer with a new hybrid yeast that produces flavors and aromas of pineapple

Perry– NEW Bartlett Pear cider (GLUTEN FREE)

Blueberry DRIPA– Fresh batch going on, more Blueberry character than last batch

Mars Smasher– Thiolized Lager strain give a unique fruity character to this Vienna lager

Wit Session IPA– Belgian wit yeast with an IPA hoped backbone

Sunny Bunny- The Fluffer with the twist of thiolized yeast.  Great session IPA!

All Hallows Ale – Our annual pumpkin ale made with Michigan pumpkins!  Look for notes of brown sugar and pumpkin pie spices. 8.4% abv